Terms and Conditions

The main consideration for any event, brand activation, promotion, flash mob, performance or fundraiser being staged in the V&A Waterfront is the safety of the participants and the public. A formal V&A Waterfront Event application form along with a detailed event proposal that’s meets the following criteria is further required to consider such.

Should the event be approved the following documents will be required before any set up may commence:

  1. Signed V&A Waterfront Agreement
  2. Proof of Payment
  3. Proof Public Liability Insurance

* Small brand activations and fundraisers require no less than R15 000 000 to be considered

**Larger events especially those with large structures and mass audience require no less than R50 000 000 to be considered

Compliance with Covid-19 regulations:
The V&A Waterfront is committed to reducing the risk and spread of Covid-19 infections. All events and activities must provide a Covid-19 safety and compliance plan in line with Covid-19 regulations.

Time Frame:
The timeous provision no less than 2 weeks of the complete information along with an event proposal will support and assist with the processing of the application and the approval processes by the range of V&A Waterfront Departments.

City of Cape Town Events Permit:
Where applicable and based on the type of event the Organiser must act in accordance with the City of Cape Town Events by Law, Occupational Health & Safety Act and Disaster Management.

Events larger than 200 persons where there is amplified sound or temporary structures must apply to the City of Cape Town for an event permit over and above a V&A Waterfront application form.

Creative Execution:
The activity must present well by means of a creative set up (where applicable) that encourages visitors to participate in the activity.

Members of the public must be allowed to freely approach the activity rather than being forcibly approached or coerced to engage with it

Due to the V&A Waterfronts commitment to the environment, flyer distribution is not permitted. A visitor may take a flyer when they visit the stand/exhibit.

Fund Raisers:
The following are the stipulated rules for fundraising activities taking place at the V&A Waterfront

  • The organisation must be a registered non-profit organisation (NPO).
  • The organisation must demonstrate a track record of local and international support of worthy causes.
  • No fundraising for political events or parties are allowed on the property.
  • No display of political regalia is allowed on the property.
  • All fundraising activities must comply with all national and local laws and regulations.
  • At all times, the participating members of the fundraising team shall act in good faith of permissions granted and in the best interests of the organisation and the V&A Waterfront.

The V&A Waterfront reserves the right to designate space and duration for all events taking place on the property.


  1. Set Up and Breakdown in public spaces may only commence within the following times: 00h00 – 08h00 or as otherwise specified by the V&A Waterfront. A full schedule to be provided
  2. Set Up and Breakdown in the mall may only commence within the following times: 22h00 – 07h00 with a full schedule to be provided or as otherwise specified by the V&A Waterfront. A full schedule to be provided


  1. All areas to be adequately cordoned off during set-up and breakdown, so as to ensure no access of unauthorized personnel and safety of public. All plans to be provided detailing areas to be cordoned off.
  2. A qualified Safety Officer to be appointed for the duration of the event, including the build up and breakdown of the event where structures are being installed
  3. Please Note: All structural certificates, city approvals and permits will be the responsibility of the Organiser in accordance with the City of Cape Town: Events By Law and the Occupational Health & Safety Act. A copy of such will be required by the V&A Waterfront before the event commences. Adherence to public safety to include build up and breakdown. The V&A Waterfront will require layout drawings, fixing details, and all structures to be approved by Structural engineer to a minimum wind loading of 60km/h
  4. Where applicable, the Safety Officer to ensure he/she is in possession of a safety file with all relevant documentation throughout the event. A copy of all documentation in the file to be provided to the V&A Waterfront.
  5. Before any set up and break down of any structures commence, the Organiser / Safety Officer to ensure the area is safe and properly cordoned off from the public.


  1. All cleaning and security services are to be quoted by the V&A Waterfront and no external suppliers in this regard may be contracted directly by the client.
  2. All medical services are to be quoted by ER24 and no other suppliers may operate on the property.
  3. Copies of all permits and certificates such as but not limited to (City Permit, BDM Certificate, Structural Engineer’s Certificate) in accordance with the City of Cape Town By Law and the Occupational Health & Safety Act are to be provided to the V&A Waterfront before the event commences.
  4. The erection of any Temporary Structure will require the appointment of a Registered Person.
  5. A site and layout to be provided and plans must indicate the position of all proposed structures.
  6. No open flame or pyrotechnics will be permitted without prior consent by the V&A Waterfront
  7. Fireworks will not be permitted at the V&A Waterfront and no exceptions are made in this regard.
  8. Filming for commercial, television, stills, fashion shoots and tourism related purposes is permitted, however a film permit must be obtained by the V&A Waterfront.

It is recorded that the parties are currently having discussions and negotiations regarding the possible hiring of a venue at the V&A Waterfront. These discussions and negotiations are conducted in good faith on the understanding that no legal obligation on any of the parties of whatsoever nature and no binding agreement will result from such discussions/negotiations until consensus on the terms of an agreement is reached and such terms are reduced to writing in a separate agreement document which is duly signed by both parties.