Event Terms and Conditions

  1. Should the event be approved the following documents will be required:
    * Signed V&A Waterfront Agreement
    * Proof of Payment
    * Signed Indemnity Form
  2. Set Up and Breakdown in public spaces may only commence within the following times: 00h00 – 08h00 or as otherwise specified by the V&A Waterfront. A full schedule to be provided
  3. Set Up and Breakdown in the mall may only commence within the following times: 21h00 – 09h00 with a full schedule to be provided or as otherwise specifified by the V&A Waterfront. A full schedule to be provided
  4. All areas to be adequately cordoned off during set-up and breakdown, so as to ensure no access of unauthorized personnel and safety of public. All plans to be provided detailing areas to be cordoned off.
  5. A qualified Safety Officer to be appointed for the duration of the event, including the build up and breakdown of the event.
  6. The Safety Officer to ensure he/she is in possession of a safety file with all relevant documentation throughout the event. A copy of all documentation in the file to be provided to the V&A Waterfront.
  7. Safety File To include:
    Fire Plan
    Safety Training
    Scaffolding Certificate
    Scaffolding Training First Aid Requirements
    Certificates of Competent Person/s
    Letter of Good Standing by the Department of Labour
    Public Liability Insurance
    Registration with the Department of Labour
    Events Permit
  8. Before any set up and break down of any structures commence, the Organiser / Safety Officer to ensure the area is safe and properly cordoned off from the public.
  9. All cleaning, security and medical services are to be quoted by the V&A Waterfront and no external suppliers in this regard may be contracted directly by the client.
  10. Public Liability Insurance will be required and copies of such must be provided to the V&A Waterfront
  11. Copies of all permits and certificates such as but not limited to (City Permit, BDM Certificate, Structural Engineer’s Certificate) in accordance with the City of Cape Town By Law and the Occupational Health & Safety Act are to be provided to the V&A Waterfront before the event commences.
  12. The erection of any Temporary Structure will require the appointment of a Registered Person.
  13. A site and layout to be provided and plans must indicate the position of all proposed structures, the positions of tables, chairs, stage fire escapes and fire equipment details
  14. Where the population of a tent exceeds 25 persons at least two emergency exits are required
  15. Full details of cooking and wash up facilities to be provided.
  16. All Tent fabric must be fire resistant or shall be treated with a fire resistant solution. A copy of a fire retardent certificate must be signed by a competent person and shall be provided to the V&A Waterfront.
  17. No Tent may be erected closer than 4.5m to any boundary, existing building or any combustible material.
  18. There must be a clear space of at least 4.5m around each tent to allow for free means of egress and access for emergency appliances
  19. No open flame or fire will be permitted without prior consent by the V&A Waterfront
  20. No smoking is permitted within any building or tent and “No Smoking” signage is to be permanently displayed at all entrances
  21. Lighting and wiring must be complied with as per the Health and Safety Act
  22. Fire extinguishers are to be provided at a rate of 1 per 100 square meters
  23. Fire extinguishers are to be placed in easily accessible and visible positions and shall be properly indicated with signage.
  24. Population shall be restricted to 1 person per 1 square meter or as per approved seating plan
  25. All emergency signage shall be SABS approved
  26. Should the V&A Waterfront not receive all the information as listed above within 14days of the event, The Waterfront has the right to cancel this event and all cost to be for the organizers account.
  27. Filmiing for commercial, television, stills, fashion shoots and tourism related purposes is permitted, however a film permit must be obtained by the V&A Waterfront.
  28. It is recorded that the parties are currently having discussions and negotiations in regard to the possible hiring of a venue at the V&A Waterfront.

These discussions and negotiations are conducted in good faith on the understanding that no legal obligation on any of the parties of whatsoever nature and no binding agreement will result from such discussions/negotiations until consensus on the terms of an agreement is reached and such terms are reduced to writing in a separate agreement document which is duly signed by both parties.