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Good Neighbour Award

Part of tenant awards


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I hereby declare that all evidence submitted as part of this awards entry, is 100% factual and further evidence can be requested by the judges should more clarity be required.

I understand that falsely provided information will lead to disqualification, at the discretion of the judging panel.

I have read the small print.

I give permission for the submitted logo and winning paragraph to be used in the awards announcement and website, should this entry receive recognition.

I agree to all of the above.(Required)


This award recognizes the retail tenant that exemplifies and embodies the values of good neighbourliness within the V&A Waterfront community.

Please ensure your entries demonstrate the below criteria:

  1. Demonstrated active participation in community-building activities and events within the V&A Waterfront precinct.
  2. Fostered positive relationships and collaborations with neighbouring tenants and businesses.
  3. Contributed to creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere within the V&A Waterfront community.
  4. Aligned neighbourly practices with V&A Waterfront values of collaboration, inclusivity, and mutual support.

What we require:

  • Entry contact information
  • Signed declaration and permission
  • Transparent logo
  • Winning paragraph
  • 1 page executive summary
  • Submission (max 4 pages) – all boxes completed
  • Supporting evidence files (max 5 items)

AGENCY SUBMISSIONS (On behalf of clients):

If you are an agency and entering the awards on behalf of your client, you will need permission and sign-off from your client to enter their details for the awards. We require the signed agreement to accompany your entry.

Download Agreement

Please note: We will not review your entry if we have not received a signature from your client.

Max. file size: 2 MB.

WINNING PARAGRAPH (max 150 words):

(To be published should your entry receive recognition – permission must be granted in the declaration below.)



Please note:

The more factual statistics & results which you can give the judges, the more they can truly assess the success of this entry.

Please remember: everything is strictly covered by our confidentiality agreement.

  1. Creativity & innovation of the activation or event.
  2. Effectiveness of the activation/event.
  3. Provide evidence that the activation/event. drew significant attention, engagement and positive feedback from V&A visitors.
(e.g. provide examples of active participation in community events, initiatives, or partnerships that benefit the V&A Waterfront community as a whole.)
(Optional evidence further to the above field. Multiple files may be uploaded.)
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Max. file size: 15 MB.
    (e.g. showcase successful collaborations or partnerships with neighbouring tenants or businesses that enhance the overall experience for visitors, embodying and demonstrating the values of the V&A Waterfront.)
    (Optional evidence further to the above field. Multiple files may be uploaded.)
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    Max. file size: 15 MB.
      (e.g. demonstrate efforts to create an inclusive environment where all tenants and businesses feel welcomed and supported.)
      (Optional evidence further to the above field. Multiple files may be uploaded.)
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      Max. file size: 15 MB.
        (e.g. illustrate how neighbourly practices align with the core values and principles of the V&A Waterfront, contributing to a thriving and cohesive community.)
        (Optional evidence further to the above field. Multiple files may be uploaded.)
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        Max. file size: 15 MB.

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          To view our confidentiality agreement that has been signed by all judges please click here . It is critical to submit as much information as possible, knowing that it is covered by this confidentiality agreement.

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