Our turtles need you

This plastic-free July, we’re encouraging all our friends and visitors to ditch the plastic in support of our oceans. The Turtle Rehabilitation Programme being run by the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation, which rescues, rehabilitates and releases these endangered sea creatures, finds many of them stranded on our shores after ingesting bits of plastic that have no place in the ocean.

Say no to plastic.
An average of 12 pieces of plastic are found in the turtles rescued. One turtle had ingested a shocking 121 pieces, and sadly died.

5 ways to go plastic-free.

  1. Many of our stores sell reusable cups and flasks. Purchase one so that you never need to use a disposable coffee cup with plastic lid.
  2. Buy a handful of fabric or eco-friendly shopping bags so that you never need plastic ones. Keep them in convenient places such as in your car, at your front door and in your handbag.
  3. Carry around a glass bottle so that you fill it with drinking water rather than buying a new plastic bottle of water every time you are thirsty.
  4. Opt out of using a plastic straw when one is offered. Drinks taste better straight from the glass, anyway.
  5. Say no to balloons! Remember that what goes up must come down. So many balloons end up polluting our oceans, where they are mistaken for food by turtles and other marine animals.

Good job!
The Turtle Rehabilitation Programme has had 600 successful releases to date. It has already rescued 60 turtles this year, with 56 of them currently in rehab.

You can help.
Donations keep this valuable programme alive. Funds are needed for medication, blood tests, X-rays, scans and vet bills. Scan the QR code and play a role in preserving these precious marine animals.