New foodies on our radar

The Makers Landing Incubator Programme recently saw a host of new graduates emerge from its ecosystem – ready to take on the local food scene. Get to know some of these fresh foodpreneurs who will be at our monthly Makers Market at Makers Landing.

Floyd Dhliwayo, Afro Lunchbox
Products: Accessible traditional African meals aimed at the blue-collar and Afro-polytan workforce.
Mission: To give the workforce their lunch breaks back.

What makes your food stand out?
These are home-cooked meals made accessible and affordable.

What inspired you to apply for the Makers Landing Incubator Programme?
I wanted to grow my business and improve my product in a commercial kitchen. I loved the prospect of having mentors and colleagues with whom I can share and learn ways of taking my business to the next level. I want to contribute to the food ecosystem by providing healthy and tasty food at an accessible rate to the workforce.

What did you learn?
I learnt how to manage the finances of my business and am learning how to confidently experiment with my recipes to improve my products. I also learnt the importance of time management and how to expand my product range cost effectively. I learnt to believe in myself as I have what it takes to make my business a success – I just have to put in the work.

Annie Kafuny, Shekina Bake House
Products: As a qualified pastry chef, Annie has a range of beautiful desserts and bakes, with a signature range inspired by her Congolese heritage.
Mission: To make people smile through delicious, well-executed bakes.

What makes your product stand out?
There is a spark in my Congolese desserts that no one can eat without feeling the joyfulness of my culture.

What inspired you to apply for the Makers Landing Incubator Programme?
The people who graduated from last year’s incubator programme. I saw how they started off small but had big dreams and a clear vision. If they can do it, why can’t I?

What did you learn?
I learnt about having a growth mindset. It’s about the power of “yet” instead of “I can’t do it”. I also learnt how to communicate with the consumers, look at their needs and see how they can be satisfied in a better way. I also learnt how to budget and calculate costing and gross profit. Spend less to get more!

Nabo Binase and Lipato Shogole, Ukutya
Products: Seasonal experiences focused on indigenous, African ingredients.
Mission: Shaping a more connected food community.

What makes your product stand out?
We celebrate ALL foods indigenous and traditional to Africa and curate menus using seasonal and locally foraged lesser-known ingredients.

What inspired you to apply for the Makers Landing Incubator Programme?
Wanting to pursue and realise our dream, to build a business and a brand that is sustainable, and to be equipped with necessary tools to succeed on our entrepreneurial journey.

What did you learn?
We have learnt the importance of data collection and having systems in place to ensure smooth operations. We also continue to learn about the importance of delivering not just good but extraordinary quality and service.

Michele Mistry, Indikaap
Products: Vegan, Ayurvedic meals, cleanses, products and Ayurvedic nutritional consultations.
Mission: Connecting people to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

What makes your products stand out?
It’s a vegan range of ready-to-use, long-shelf-life products that make cooking delicious food easy. The products are created using Ayurvedic principles of nutrition and wellness, allowing the consumer to bring balanced health to themselves and their families.

What inspired you to apply for the Makers Landing Incubator Programme?
In the running of my food pod at Makers Landing, it became evident that I lacked a range of skills needed to run a small business effectively. I was inspired by the graduating incubatees and the confidence and growth they experienced during and after the programme.

What did you learn?
The finance module was life-changing for me. It gave me the tools I needed to demystify an area of business I have always struggled with. Afterwards, I felt more confident about my business processes and the possibility of financial independence. Being in a group was also inspiring as you saw your own struggles reflected back, and saw solutions that you would not have thought of.

Aneeqah Sadan, Cookie Jar Co
Products: Five ‘personalities’ of cookies.
Mission: To make the world a more Cookielitious place.

What makes your cookies stand out?
They are soft in the centre and crunchy on the outside, made by hand with love.

What inspired you to apply for the Makers Landing Incubator Programme?
I wanted to grow my business and improve my product while working in the commercial kitchen at Makers Landing.

What did you learn?
My business is more than just the cookies I sell – it is a brand that is me. I learnt how to manage my finances and how to use my business as a platform to help my community. I also learnt how to expand my product range cost effectively, how to improve my production process, and the importance of a good supplier/business-owner relationship. I now also know how to make the most of my social media platforms to maximise advertising my business.

Vinasha Ramasamy and Kurvin Virahsawmy, Ever Peckish
Products: Themed and unique napolitaines, crackers and rusks.
Mission: Crafting your indulgent peckish moments.

What makes your products stand out?
Our products are highly influenced by our multicultural Mauritian heritage and the 15 years we have spent in Cape Town. Our signature product – napolitaines – are not commonly found in South Africa. They are a Mauritian treat: a shortbread sandwich with a jam filling and plain pink sugar glaze. We have put our own twist on the classic version by introducing new flavour profiles. Our rusks and crackers are handmade in small batches and have some unique flavour offerings too, such as turmeric with cumin, and nigella seed crackers or cardamom, coconut and pistachio rusks.

What inspired you to apply for the Makers Landing Incubator Programme?
We wanted to provide a good foundation to our business and had been seeking to learn the best practices in the small food industry. We were working at full capacity in our small home kitchen and believed we would benefit from the Makers Landing Incubator Kitchen to enhance our production capacity and streamline our processes.

What did you learn?
The programme equipped us with all the fundamental knowledge to set our business up for success. Through workshops, we mapped out our mission, vision and values and learnt to proficiently budget and record our financials, as well as all the tools needed for marketing. We increased our production capacity by at least 400% and either improved upon or increased our offering in various product categories. We are now more confident and feel like we are part of a vibrant and supportive food community that fuels our drive and passion.