New Faces in our Hood

We’ve got a new bean-to-bar chocolate kiosk, an authentic Turkish restaurant and a Halaal coffee shop ready for your visit.

At the AFRIKOA kiosk in Victoria Wharf you’ll taste chocolate made from cocoa sourced directly from Tanzanian farmers, making it a true bean-to-bar and bean-to-bonbon brand for our continent. Sample its new range of truffles, chocolate-coated caramels, hand-cut bars and more. You’ll definitely find the flavour that suits your palate – from 55% Dark Chocolate with Coffee, to 80% Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate with Almonds.

Saray is an authentic Turkish restaurant in the Clock Tower Building. This Halaal eatery uses only fresh ingredients and spices straight from Turkey in its mezze platters and traditional Turkish fare. Meat cooked on a charcoal grill and sweet-treat baklava enhance the immersive experience. Add Turkish tea and a shisha to the mix and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported straight to the country of origin.

Located at Breakwater Boulevard, this vibrant coffee spot is not only certified organic and Halaal – it’s creative too! Enjoy a ‘waffle on a stick’, koesister or cinnamon-sugar pancake with your freshly ground cuppa.