Meet Gimbel and friends

Queen Halima (Mother Earth) has opened Ibhotwe Lasehlotyeni, her Summer Palace for everyone to visit her from 11 – 24 December. It is in this palace that she protects all living things on land, in the air and in the water. You’ll notice a whole host of creatures surrounding her in this palace (outside H&M), all beaded by the talented bead artists at Monekybiz.

Queen Halima is famous for hosting honoured guests, and will soon be welcoming Santa, who is expected to arrive on 15 December. They will be seated in the Summer Palace every day, at different times, inviting guests to have a photo taken together.

Queen Halima is always accompanied by her beloved Aziza fairies. They will be there to meet and greet Gimbel, a special guest who is being sent by Santa ahead of his arrival. Gimbel is also known as the naughty Elf on the Shelf. He will tour the Summer Palace and the V&A Waterfront neighbourhood along with one of the Azizas who will keep him in check, ensuring he does not get up to mischief. When he becomes a menace, the Aziza will put Gimbel to sleep, giving you the perfect opportunity to take a photo of him.

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As you wander the neighbourhood looking for Gimbel, enjoy the sounds of Africa, with live music and performances every day, as well as face-painting and appearances by Miles the Tall Man. Back at Ibhotwe Lasehlotyeni, Palace Guards will be roaming the Summer Palace to ensure all visitors feel welcome and safe. Stop them for a moment – they love a good selfie!