JOIN THE MOVEMENT: Joy From Africa to the World

Our Joy from Africa to the World 2021 journey has begun. Initially conceived as a festive-season campaign of locally designed and produced decorations, this inspiring initiative supported job creation, access to market, sustainable and ethical product-making, and authentic story-telling about a festive season that was truly African.

The spirit of this campaign has touched so many lives, that the ethos with which it exists has influenced our general way of being, encouraging us to be better people and do better business. We have seen the creative possibilities that emerge when a neighbourhood such as ours embraces the communities and diverse cultures that exist right on our doorstep, and we hope to inspire others to do the same.

Joy from Africa is now a full-time movement championed by the V&A Waterfront – an invitation, beyond the festive season, to live with compassion, to discover and explore creative communities, support local economies, to celebrate heritage, and to share hope and joy.

Kicking off this month, we’re keeping Joy from Africa true to our continent by highlighting communities who are doing incredible things for those in need; supporting creative initiatives from various parts of our country; showcasing Africa’s unique basket-weaving traditions through a dedicated exhibition; and once again offering an end-of-year festive season filled with locally made, eco-friendly installations.

Journey with us as we meet compassionate communities, local artisans and everyday people embodying the true meaning of ubuntu. Follow the hashtag #JoyFromAfrica to be part of our journey of change and compassion.