Gorpcore! A fashion trend that’s got us seeking adventure.

Gorpcore! A fashion trend that’s got us seeking adventure.

Athleisure rooted in the outdoor-adventure community – that’s gorpcore for you. It’s practical, functional, durable clothing that’s perfect for everything the weather might throw your way. Gorpcore is the latest fashion trend to hit our nature-brimming city, and we couldn’t be more excited, especially since our neighbourhood is home to three of the most exciting brands who cater to this informal way of dressing.

Gorpcore is a style of dress that allows you to move freely, and there’s no one who wants you to move more than Sealand, Patagonia and K-Way, three adventure-seeking stores that have all you need to kit out your gorpcore wardrobe. The items you’ll find under these labels are technical and intelligent in their choice of materials –made from high-quality fabrics that serve a specific function, such as water resistance, stretchability, breathability and the capability to withstand tough conditions. Plus, they look good on people of all genders, body shapes and ages.

‘Gorp’ refers to ‘good ol’ raisins and peanuts’, the typical snack one takes on an outdoor expedition. Quirky, right? The trend has been called ‘the kind of fashion you wear when you want to look like you’re going on an adventure, but not really going on an adventure’. Equally quirky – and a good indicator that this is a style for absolutely anyone.

Although many gorpcore adopters are most likely going on some kind of adventure, choosing this relaxed way of dress for anything from a sunset beach walk to an exciting day of rock climbing, it’s actually a fashion-forward mode of attire these days, seen on the runways of brands like Chanel, Moncler and Balenciaga. And, even though the trend is often associated with the lifestyle of people who hang out a lot in nature, enjoying things like camping and hiking, it’s also the coolest way to embrace comfort in everyday life – even if you intend to stay indoors all day, or spend the morning shopping.

Gorpcore is a colourful, loose-fitting, multi-layered way of dressing down. Filled with staple pieces that will ever go out of style, it’s our new favourite way to explore fashion. Join us on the adventure!


Get your gorpcore look at these V&A stores:


At the Sealand Experience Store, you get to design some of your own gear, making your gorpcore wardrobe unique to you. Because every item is handmade in Cape Town, there’s a real element of personality going on here. The fact that materials are sustainable or repurposed is even more reason to get in on the action, with hemp shirts and ecocycled beanies that come in nature-inspired colours. The smaller Sealand kiosk in Victoria Wharf is also geared to you finding your own path toward a gorpcore lifestyle, with backpacks and crossbody bags that allow you to carry everything you need, wherever you go.


The just-launched Patagonia store in our newly developed UCB (union castle building) District gives you the chance to wear an international brand that’s a leader in everything gorpcore. Think waterproof puffer jackets and pants that zip off into shorts. Or how about a utility belt that cinches a raincoat at the waist, adding a tailored silhouette to your laid-back look? Patagonia’s sustainability ethos means its products never need replacing. They’re extremely durable, excellently made and designed to enhance your adventure-filled lifestyle.


K-Way’s tagline, ‘live every day with K-Way’, shows just how easy it is to incorporate gorpcore into your daily routine. From outdoor activities and fun weekend exploits to lazy days at home and lunch dates with friends, this proudly South African brand (part of Cape Union Mart), has you covered for any occasion. Trail shoes, beach hats, reflective jackets, zip-up hoodies, water-repellent pants and more – it’s all here. Don’t miss K-Way’s comfy hiking boots, an essential part of a gorpcore outfit. Pair them with chunky socks and you’re ready to roll.