Working together for meaningful change in our neighbourhood.

The thing we love most about food, the tastiest of our priorities in our neighbourhood, is that it brings people together. Just how it brought us together with Ladles of Love, an organisation that we couldn’t be prouder to be in partnership with. Ladles of Love is committed to provide as many meals as they can, for as long as they can. Their foundation is built on providing meals with dignity and respect, with a goal of creating a world we all want to live in. With this commitment, our partnership kicked off back in 2019 through our commitment to address Food Security – and has grown tremendously since then.

The NGO was founded in 2014, by restaurateur Danny Diliberto who was touched when he offered soup to a homeless man, connecting with the fact that sometimes a small gesture can do a world of good. Danny then decided to give back to society by offering hot tea to the homeless on the streets of the Mother City. From this, the great work that Ladles of Love does by feeding those in need simply grew. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Ladles was feeding over 250 homeless people twice a week, providing them with hearty soup and bread, made with love. Continuing to expand, to date they have provided over 20 million meals! Since we’ve partnered with Ladles of Love as part of our commitment to Food Security, we’re always looking for ways to uplift society through various social development initiatives.

This Mandela Day 2021, we’ve assisted Ladles of Love to break the World Record for the longest line of food cans through collaborative efforts from various other partners and general public. The Canadian-held record sat at 3.28km comprising of 44 966 cans. In partnership, we built a 6.7km line of 90 000 food cans sponsored by DENNY, Pick n Pay, Lucky Star, Sun International and the V&A Waterfront. These cans have been donated across the Cape, feeding communities in need, because that’s the Heart of Filling the Belly.

As we look to celebrate World Food Day on Saturday, 16 October, we look back at what we’ve achieved but, more importantly, we look forward to all the things that we can still do to create brighter futures in our communities. No one should face food insecurity. That’s why we’re all about making the circle bigger, with organisations like Ladles of Love, to act against hunger.