Steam Boat Vicky

Dry Dock District
R50 per adult and R25 per child
Closest Parking
Portswood Parking
Opposite V&A Hotel

This beautiful little steamboat is an exact replica of the steamboat featured in the Humphrey Bogard/Audrey Hepburn movie, The African Queen.

Steamboat Vicky offers a 30-minute family friendly harbour tours where you explore some hidden gems and cruise the Waterfront harbour. It’s a pleasant way of touring Cape Town harbour where you get to see Cape Town from a fresh angle, be delighted by sightings of seals and learn the history of the V&A Waterfront. The boat seats up to 40 passengers and is suitable for school groups, small gatherings and special occasions. Steamboat Vicky is driven by a primus boiler, which contains 56 metres of hydraulic tubing and reaches 100 lbs per square inch pressure (for those of a mechanical bent).




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