Apply to be a mentor or coach

Mentorship Program Purpose

The Mentorship program aims to provide individualized and consistent support for each entrepreneur (mentee) throughout the duration of the six month incubation program as well as to those businesses within Makers Landing as a whole. The mentors will provide the entrepreneurs with regular help and guidance, instilling in them the confidence and fortitude they need to complete the program and its requirements while inspiring them to achieve goals they may have previously thought impossible.

The mentor relationship will entail twice monthly sessions between the mentor and mentee. The program will be supported with structured guidance for the mentee to the agenda for these meetings. The mentee can use the time to talk through assignments or ask for advice and guidance as needed, so mentors must have a practical understanding of business. We also recognize that some of the most challenging aspects of our entrepreneurs’ journey will be the day-to-day obstacles they face in their own lives which in turn impact their professional career. As a result, mentors should also exhibit attributes such as compassion and positivity.

We understand that a mentor relationship is only as good as the personal connection between the mentor and mentee. We will therefore have an extensive and thoughtful mentor recruitment, selection and matching process. Our aim is to find individuals who have similar backgrounds, compatible personalities and valuable experiences to offer each entrepreneur so that the relationship is both relatable and inspiring.

Mentor Profile & Requirements

Becoming a mentor is one of the most powerful ways an individual or organization can help our entrepreneurs succeed. Mentors will commit to a minimum of 90 min every other week for six months, to provide our entrepreneurs & businesses at Makers Landing with support and guidance to bring our curriculum to life in their business and provide them with the support they need to achieve their dreams. We also encourage mentors to build informal connections with their mentees to strengthen their ability to understand and support them.

Mentor profile

  • Alignment with the purpose, ethos & values of the Makers Landing
  • Understanding of business with the ability to guide mentees through assignments
  • Exhibited ability to listen and support with high levels of empathy, compassion and positivity
  • Demonstrated reliability and dedication, with a commitment to completing the program in full
  • Diverse cultural and socioeconomic background
  • Ideal industry experience (3+ years): entrepreneurship, consulting, hospitality, retail, marketing

Mentor requirements

  • Join our mentor training session the last week in November 2020
  • Read our mentorship guidelines and sign the commitment agreement
  • Attend the mentor introduction event to meet your mentee Date TBC
  • Provide twice monthly coaching to mentees for six months, 10 January- 30 June 2021.
  • Commit 90 min twice a month of coaching (at least one of which are in-person per month) arranged with mentee
  • Check-in every other month with the Kitchen Incubator Manager
  • Complete the evaluation form at the end of the program

Mentor benefits

  • Membership in the network of Makers Landing entrepreneurs, tenants and curators
  • Access to industry talks and events held at Makers Landing
  • Enhancement of leadership & communication skills
  • Ability to affect change and strengthen the local community

Applicant Information