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Palladium Boots is a footwear brand defined by exploring boundaries. Iconic footwear for the urban explorer. We celebrate those who explore urban environments with a bold and audacious attitude and embrace the unexpected everyday. We believe that life has much to offer those who dare to embrace the unknown.

For over 70 years, Palladium’s boots have been at the service of curious and independent individuals like volcano scientist Haroun Tazieff or music artist Pharrell Williams. We call them life explorers: open-minded individuals who have the desire to discover and leave a mark on our world. Decades of supporting life explorers has taught us that the good life doesn’t just happen—we have to chase it, to build it, to create it for ourselves. That’s why we continue to making timeless and adaptable gear that gives people the freedom to embrace the unexpected. Because who really knows what the weekend has in store? There will always be another trail, another sidewalk, another culture to learn and discover—whether it’s in a far-away city or a short bike ride from home.

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