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Kayla Stam offers ready-to-wear, office and occasion wear inspired pieces for women. We pride ourselves on being bold yet timeless.

Kayla Stam was inspired by the woman that Kayla Stamboul aspired to be; a smart, sophisticated and stylish city woman. From inception the brand has had an element of attainable aspiration. Kayla Stam is focused on commercializing high-end fashion and making it accessible to everyday modern women. We are passionate about the fact that whatever we design has to be worn.
Kayla Stam prides itself in attention to detail with the creative director intimately involved in the end-to-end process ensuring it produces high-quality items, giving each garment a personal touch. Although we intend to give you an affordable brand, we do not compromise on quality; ensuring that you get a better product for a better price.

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