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Castelo is not your ordinary shoe store, we are a directional and stylish fashion store and our concept is a distinctive, innovative and point for conversation for the fashion conscious. The ethos of Castelo is that everything you find in store is exclusive to us in South Africa. We make it a priority to ensure that we are constantly on par with the fashion of Europe, ensuring that our stores have all the global high fashion trends. It is imperative that our shoes allow our customers to transform into a fashion statement and invest in pieces that have long term value and the highest rank in elegance, style and sophistication.
Our iconic brands being Schutz and Tsakiris Mallas have been part of Castelo’s identity since its launch. They contribute a vast part of the unforgettable experience we offer our customers, in terms of design, quality and freedom of expression, achieving our success in the women’s footwear market.

Attention to detail is seen in our selection of season trends and varied collections and is seen in all 4 of our stores, all positioned in different areas offering their own uniqueness but staying true to Castelo’s signature style.

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