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From how we source our materials, to the way our products are made and who makes them, our business proudly represents the resourcefulness, vibrance and outlook of this colourful continent.

Our handwoven textiles and hand-stitched products represent all that is best about African design: A love for colour that comes from an abundant natural and cultural wealth, ancient skills which are patiently passed down, and resourcefulness – an ability to create something from nothing; recycling, upcycling and turning waste into wonder.

The fibre of our signature colourful fabric originates from t-shirt offcuts: perfectly good material that would otherwise go to landfill.

Making something out of nothing is at the heart of the African way. In the past 8 years we have sorted, stripped, tied and woven (wait for it) 107 million, five hundred and twenty thousand meters of colourful weft thread in to our signature fabric. All by hand. This works out to enough fabric to wrap around planet Earth 2,6 times.

We work with incredible craftsmen living out in rural villages. The tools and techniques they use have been passed down through many generations. It’s a truly amazing way of life that humbles and inspires us.

We believe in doing our best to strengthen their livelihoods and in making a positive ‘Afronomical’ contribution at large. From craftsmen to transportation partners and manufacturers, the Ashanti team is all-African.

Because all our products are lovingly handmade to the highest quality standards, every single item is original.

No two are quite the same.

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