Food has the power to connect us. To bring hope and create positive change.

After all, breaking bread together is how we build bridges and build communities.

Here at the V&A, our approach to food is one of caring, sharing and learning from each other. We are doing our best to create a food ecosystem that’s kind to everyone in the value chain.

We welcome one and all, we strive to offer something for every wallet and craving, with new tastes to discover around every corner.

We like to think of it as Neighbourfood.

Because here, together just tastes better.

Winter Food Specials

This winter, look out for irresistible Neighbourfood specials across our neighbourhood. Our eateries have come together to offer you value, flavour and happy bellies like never before.

Great value specials make it possible for visitors to support our eateries more often, and bring friends and family to the table – because here, together just tastes better. Click here for our current offers.

Share your experience and win!

Share your eating experience and WIN

The cherry on top is our exciting Neighbourfood competition, where you can win a R15 000 V&A Waterfront gift card and scrumptious prizes for restaurant staff who go the extra mile. To enter, all you have to do is visit any of our eateries. You’ll spot entry details at most of our eateries. Fingers crossed!


Food Dialogues

Dialogues through Food is using the medium of food to help us think more deeply and broadly about the food we eat, share, choose, prefer and celebrate.
How can food itself speak to us?

In a series of culinary experiences, ranging from participatory cooking demonstrations to dinner theatre, notable chefs will each present plates of food that will help us think more deeply and broadly about the food we eat, share, choose, prefer and celebrate.

To book for any of these events please use the website link below.

Follow the event on social media with #FooddialogueSA and on the following channels:
Instagram: @food_dialogues
Twitter: @food_dialogues

Food Dialogues


Don’t miss Neighbourfood Fridays!

An important part of Neighbourfood is Neighbourfood Fridays at Makers Landing (at the V&A Waterfront Cruise Terminal) on Friday nights. Hosted in partnership with Ladles of Love, Neighbourfood Fridays is an opportunity to make sandwiches for those in need, before joining a communal food table serving a local-inspired artisanal menu prepared by our Makers Landing community. Everybody's invited! Tickets for both events can be booked via Webtickets.

Jul 8 2022 Aug 26 2022
Winter Campaign 2022

10 Weeks. 10 000 Sandwiches.

8 Jul 2022 - 26 Aug 2022

Want to lend a helping hand? Join us at Makers Landing for Neighbourfood Fridays, a social impact initiative we’re hosting in partnership with Ladles of Love. Our goal is to make 10 000 sandwiches in 10 weeks, starting on 8 July until 26 August from 5pm to 6pm. Together, we can make a meaningful difference […]

Free Makers Landing
Jul 8 2022 Aug 26 2022
Winter Campaign 2022

Join our community table

8 Jul 2022 - 26 Aug 2022

On Friday 8 July, Friday 5 August and Friday 26 August, Neighbourfood Fridays will include a community table (starting at 18:00). These community dinners will be an opportunity to enjoy a delicious 3-course meal prepared by Makers Landing food entrepreneurs; as we discuss how our food ecosystems would work better to the benefit of all, […]

R250.00 Makers Landing

Our Neighbourfood Partners

Food Dialogues

Food Dialogues

Food Dialogues is an annual programme of talks and events that focus on the local food system.
Food Dialogues 2022 brings together a wide range of speakers involved in shaping the food system, providing an opportunity for food growers, academics, activists, writers, nutritionists, policy makers, food lovers and anyone interested in sustainable approaches, to engage in key issues intimately connected to the food we eat, and the future of food.

The goal is to foster a healthier, more resilient, and just food system.

Cooking, sharing and eating food also form an important element: Dialogues through Food.
As South Africa and the world begin to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, questions about ‘returning to normal’ are met with questions about what the ‘new normal’ might be – or ought to be.

The adversity of the experience of the pandemic has highlighted the challenges to many of the systems that sustain our society, our food system prominent among them.

It also made clear that we remain vulnerable to the next shock – from disease, drought, or other causes – if we do not act to tackle these challenges.
The 2022 Food Dialogues, taking place from the 18 July to 1 August, will consider the new normal by looking at key aspects of our food system – where we buy our food from, and how nourished we are from the food we eat – as well as how we can better partner to govern our food system, and how the medium of food itself can bring us insight and connection.

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Ladles of Love

Ladles of Love

Cape Town-based Ladles of Love is one the most prolific food charity organisations in South Africa.

On a chilly July evening in 2014, a small team of volunteers came together to serve 70 hot meals at the first official soup kitchen. That same kitchen now happens every week – along with many others – serving hundreds of nutritious meals to those in need weekly. Ladles of Love supports numerous community kitchens, schools, social enterprises, and NPOs with much-needed food supplies and other goods, allowing them to reach out further and touch the lives of the vulnerable who need it now more than ever.

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