Vovo Telo

Shop No
Opposite Market Square, Dock Road
Ground Level
Closest Parking
Ulundi Garage

At Vovo Telo the aim is to create something special every day using the freshest, finest ingredients. Local artisanal products are used throughout in these bakeries, from stone-ground flour, boerenkaas, free-range eggs and farm-fresh produce. Pay a visit, and pick up some delicious bread fresh out of the oven, some sweat treats and heavenly pastries, or sit down and enjoy a meal. Or just have a cup of our special coffee and spoil yourself with a pain au chocolat or a berry pinwheel. There is plenty to choose from on the lunch menu, and that includes thin-crust pizzas, sandwiches and salad. Whether you are having a quick lunch break, or want to linger with a newspaper or laptop, the choice is yours. At Vovo Telo food is made with passion – and you can taste it.