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The term “seven colours” is popular in many South African homes, this term came about as a nickname for meals dished to guests and family members each time they gather on Sundays and special events. In South African culture, it is common to place red beetroot, yellow rice, multicoloured vegetables and brown meat dishes all overflowing from the same plate. This makes a delicious, nutritious and rainbow soul food experience, all served in one portion. For reasons that are now hidden in legends, we term this experience “seven colours”, which traditionally is synonymous with: wholesome, soul food, home, community, and togetherness.

Seven Colours Eatery is a brand that is loved by locals and international visitors alike. When travelling It is common knowledge to seek an authentic cultural experience, food is usually the first thought. As South Africa develops the working-class community, it is becoming harder to prepare quality meals. Chef Nolu has created a product that meets both these needs. One step at a time, she is meticulously delivering amazing food to a global market in Cape Town and the local market.

Chef Nolu comes from a rural, Eastern Cape village called Tsengiwe, she is a passionate & self-confessed foodie. From a young age, food was a language that she

understood. She dreams of creating a global food brand that will solve economic problems & unite Southern Africa. Chef Nolu prides herself on being able to deliver creativity, nostalgia, diversity & a positive South African identity through food.

Monday to Saturday - 9am to 6pm
Sunday - 9am to 3pm