Seattle Coffee Company

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Dock Road Junction
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Dock Road Junction
Dock Road Junction
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Dock Road Junction

We have a new concept space on Dock Road in the V&A. The store is a first-of-its-kind for Seattle Coffee Company. You can taste our single origin whole bean range in a variety of different brewing methods at the brew bar, or simply enjoy your favourite classic drink.

Seattle Coffee Company was first started in London by husband and wife team – Alley and Scott Svenson – who were inspired by their experience of specialty coffee brands in their hometown of Seattle. Seattle Coffee Company was then brought to South Africa by best friends Pete and Barry, two South African locals. Our first local store opened its doors in Cavendish Square, Cape Town in November 1997.

Today, we remain independent of any international parent company and maintain our roots as an exclusively South African, family-run business.

At Seattle Coffee Company we strive to capture the artisanal approach towards our craft – traceability of crops; handpicked harvesting; hand roasting and manual espresso production – a ‘quality at-all-costs’ approach that cascades down from farm to the cup in your hand. We firmly believe that the quality of our beans is directly related to the quality of the lives our farmers lead.

Through our partnership with Union Hand Roasted, we have established direct relationships with each farmer or co-operative, working closely with them to produce the highest quality product as well as supporting them and their communities. Along with regular visits to farms, we pay far above commodity prices – investing financially into their lives and ultimately into the quality of the beans they produce. Our beans are then hand roasted in the seaside suburb of Muizenberg, Cape Town.

To pair with our coffee, we have put together a food offering available in stores that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with our coffee – hand-made and artisanal snacks for which you will come back time and again, The Way You Like It.