Heirloom Restaurant

Shop No
Cape Grace Hotel
Ground Level
West Quay
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In the nature of its namesake, Heirloom, located within Cape Grace, finds its values in preserving the rich heritage of culinary tradition, nurturing it with care and dedication to create enduring experiences that echo through time.  At Heirloom, under the helm of Chef Asher Abramowitz, we celebrate the unhurried spirit and bountiful terroir of South Africa through the rhythm of each passing season.

Guided by the culinary expertise of Chef Gregory Czarnecki, renowned for his mastery of flavours, our restaurant stands as a living legacy where tradition finds fresh expression, creativity flourishes, and stories are told through taste, texture, and exceptional technique. Committed to excellence and attentive service, dining at Heirloom promises an unforgettable journey, a cherished memory to revisit – time and again.