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Trail and Tar Store Runs

Twice weekly 60min shop run comprising of various speed groups offering both road and trail options.


Trail and Tar Waterfront will be offering their very popular weekly store runs that they have hosted for the past six years at their Tokai branch.

The runs will start and end at the new Battery Park store, every Thursday at 6pm and Friday at 6am.

The runs consist of a 60min out and back route that will vary between road and trail options and distance covered will depend  on which groups you join.

The group options will vary from a nice and chilled 7min per k, a not so chilled 6min per k, a brisk 5min per k, and then its racing snake territory that involves a fair amount of pain and suffering.

The aim is to facilitate a great group experience with like minded people, in a friendly slightly competitive environment which always helps with motivation, nothing quite like sharing the pain.

The various groups also offer options depending on how one feels on the day, thus always having someone to run with.

We also offer advice on training, nutrition and strength classes for those who are serious about improving their running. We cover subjects such as form, breathing, shoe, running kit and hydration  advice,  through to race strategy.

Our team consists of:

Bernard Rukudza, SA’s top trail runner and winner of practically every trail race on the calendar.

Devon Ross Coetzee, biokineticist  who specialises in running footwear (we fit runners to shoes, NOT shoes to runners) and who offers  a highly successful Strength Class option for runners.

Noel Ernstzen, one of SA’s most experienced trail runners and holder of many Master records in trail events. All his years of racing nearly every trail race in the Cape, will be at your disposal.


We look forward to seeing you all on the 4th October.


6:00 PM – 6:00 AM
7:00 PM – 7:00 AM


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