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Led by Geneva-based non-profit organization Fondation Pacifique, The Ocean Mapping Expedition set out from Seville on April 2015 on a four-year (2015-2019) sailing trip around the world in the wake of the famous Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan, some 500 years after the first ever circumnavigation. Combining science, education and culture, its ambition it to contribute to a better understanding of humanity’s impact on the oceans and to raise awareness about related sustainable development issues.

Of the three major types of human impact on the oceans (pollution, climate change and over-fishing), The Ocean Mapping Expedition is currently focusing on the first two, through scientific programmes carried out in partnership with Swiss and international academic institutions or civil society NGOs and dedicated to phenomena little or not well known: noise and micro-plastic pollution, coral bleaching and greenhouse gases. Today the biggest sailboat under Swiss flag boasting a stunning history (she is a former WWII German Navy minesweeper), 33-meter long Fleur de Passion is conceived as a working vessel dedicated to « working together ». On board, the expedition offers a holistic approach to environmental issues from a deeply humanist perspective, guided by a multidisciplinary spirit of experience-sharing. As such, not only scientists embark but also teenagers in search of « new horizons », artists « in residence » and even passengers. During her stopover at V&A Waterfront, Quay 6, the boat will be accessible to free public guided visits while at walking distance on Jetty 2, the « Our Spice Islands » exhibition will offer a more in-depth dive into this unique adventure through map, documentaries and sketches, drawings or cartoons produced by the – mainly Swiss – 17 artists who took part in The Ocean Mapping Expedition between Seville and Cape Town.



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