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17 November 2018

Glen’s music is a union of acoustic and electronic sounds with a substantial EDM/pop influence. Acoustic – because this is where his musical journey began and electronic – to explore the infinite possibilities of what music can be. This multi-talented instrumentalist incorporates acoustic and electric guitars, piano and flute into his live act. His on stage performance is a vibrant mix of these instruments, backed by his signature pulsating synths and live drums. Glen’s passion, unique voice and lyrical depth mixed with his captivating melodies make it all too easy to fall in love with his music. This versatile musician and songwriter also has degrees in law and media. Glen’s material has been played on national radio and television in South Africa. He won ‘Crowd Favourite’ at the Paco Rabanne “Be a Rockstar” competition and he placed in the top 10 at the Barleycorn Songwriters’ Competition. His EP, “For the Hurricane Chaser”, was featured on popular music website “Noisetrade”. Glen’s latest track “Ready To Fight This” made its radio debut on 5fm, one of South Africa’s top national radio stations.

Kamisa is a new South African urban music band hailing from the northern suburbs of Cape Town. The founding members Jay-P, Mr Linx, and Black Athena are no strangers to the music industry and have been working as emcees, songwriters, and vocalists for over 2 decades. The band’s sound is a soulful blend of R&B, reggae, jazz, and hip hop; and their vocal content mostly delves into a range of social issues. In early 2017 Black Athena accepted an opportunity for a study visa in Australia, this event changed the course of history as the remaining members (Mr. Linx and Jay-P) decided to transform the crew from a group into a live band. The new Kamisa band includes the 2 founding members Mr. Linx and Jay-P backed by a four piece band.


7:00 PM – 8:00 PM


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