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2 February 2019

ZINGARA is a singer/songwriter residing in Cape Town, South Africa. She strives for authenticity in the music she creates.


Life experiences are interwoven in her work and reflect the daring, explorative style she pursues.

Zingara’s contemporary blend of Future-Jazz, Neo-Soul and Instrumental complexity offering a deep

and new sound.Whichever name you choose to pin on the simultaneously smooth, soulful, nostalgic

and fresh sound, her emerging and progressive approach to music has captured the attention of the

music scene.


Francesca Biancoli (Zingara) was born in Bari, a multi-cultured seaside town famous for its Greek ,

Arabic- Turkish influences. Growing up with access to such rich and varied diversity helped inform her

spontaneous and non-conformist musical path.

In January 2016 she launched her self-titled EP- ZINGARA

“Her music comes from a deep place of emotion and vulnerability”

“It’s speaking about my truths, and hoping that someone else out there can relate to them, and

furthermore, that it will comfort them in some way.”

“Francesca endeavours to find herself. As she believes, it is only through self-awareness that an artist

can truly connect with their audience and elevate them emotionally and spiritually “


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