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9 November 2019

‘Mitchell’s Plain Music Academy (MPMA) is a part-time music programme that was established in 2014 and has been providing affordable, yet quality and professional tuition ever since. Our programme accommodates beginners, intermediate and advanced musicians. We have employed qualified and experienced instructors and mentors, who are not only brilliant teachers but also professional musicians and artists to work with our students and take them to the next level.

Mitchell’s Plain Music Academy started out as informal lessons in a living room back in 2013, with one student, but it has become home to at least 170 students with a sister branch in Kraaifontein. Mitchell’s Plain, a previously disadvantaged community thrives with musical talent and self taught musicians but not enough facilities to cultivate and nurture these talents and take it to the next level. In 2014, Mitchell’s Plain Music Academy opened its doors to students in Mitchell’s Plain, including those in the community who are less fortunate and not by means to pay for training at established institutions with the aim to train, educate and empower. Our mission remains “to provide high quality yet affordable music tuition” for all.

Mitchell’s Plain Music Academy knows how to develop musicians by incorporating not only the art of playing your desired instrument, but what it means to be a musician on and off stage and from a business perspective.

Our goal remains to get students trained and skilled for on-stage performances at real live music shows and venues.’ .


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