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23 June

Mad 4 Waves is a group of four young men who have committed to spend up to 2 months racing across the Atlantic in an ocean rowing boat. The MAD 4 Waves 24 hour Rowathon is an endurance rowing event to raise awareness for their causes of cleaning up our oceans and helping raise funds for education.

Team Mad 4 Waves’ 5500 km unaided journey begins in December 2018 and is considered to be one of the hardest on the planet, having been completed by less than 500 people.

• They are the only SA team entered in the 2018 race
• They would be the youngest 4 to row the Atlantic Ocean

They have partnered with the Make a Difference Leadership Foundation in order to raise funds for senior school education. An additional campaign goal is to supply 1000 needy rural primary school children with recycled plastic desks. Each desk reduces the plastic waste that mostly ends up in our oceans!


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