Record Fair delights music fans

Cape Town’s music enthusiasts have found their tribe at the V&A Waterfront Record Fair, an ad-hoc event where over 3,000 vinyl records go on sale, from 18 passionate traders and long-time collectors. Gavin Minter, who trades under ‘For the Record’, shares his interest in old-school records:

I am from the time when vinyl records (along with cassette and eight-track tapes) were the only audio format available. I love holding a record, studying the liner notes [sleeve or album notes], checking out the personnel – from the musicians playing on the record, to the producer and person who mastered or engineered it – and then hearing that sound!

The warm sound emitted by a record is not what you find in the digital-media age. I love the slight crackle, the sound of the needle making contact with the record… it offers such nostalgic comfort.

Every time I acquire an album that I have loved my whole life, it becomes a treasure, but I absolutely love my early John Coltrane and Miles Davis records. Jazz certainly enjoys the lion’s share of my shelves.

My most prized record is my mother Bobby Minter’s album, recorded in the early 50s. It’s a home recording, straight onto shellac [the pre-cursor to vinyl]. She was about 18-years old and sounds like a young Doris Day or Joni James. It’s priceless!

A personal highlight of the V&A Waterfront Record Fair was my impromptu percussion jam with the incredible Robin Auld, who was booked to play at a recent fair.

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