On 16 June, Grade Africa opens its doors in our Canal District (below Battery Park). Having gained somewhat of a cult following online, the Afro-centric streetwear brand is destined to be Cape Town’s hottest place to be seen.

We chatted to Grade Africa Founder Zaid Osman to find out what to expect.

Why have you chosen the V&A Waterfront as the location for your first proper store?
The Waterfront is aligned to our mission of protecting the future. We are in a position where we can inspire the youth and fellow creatives. Our Battery Park location is a premium shopping destination that brings out our brand in the most premium way.

Why is the time right to open this Grade Africa store in Cape Town?
Grade has grown organically to become a household name in the streetwear community – from major collaborations to pop-ups across the world. We feel the need to give access to the Cape Town community that supports us and grows with us.

What can people expect from the store?
We want to create a premium, fun and interactive space – ultimately a ‘clubhouse’ – where the Cape Town creative community can feel at home. We want the city to connect, so we’ll be welcoming everyone, from expressive and purpose-driven individuals who are pioneers in their fields, to the Capetonian looking for something unique and fresh. We are looking to take our customers on a journey, allow them to relive their childhood as adults, and give them a space to practise all forms of self-expression through our product offering, no matter their background.

What merch will we find there?
Our classic Grade items remain popular, and we have a couple of amazing brand collaborations lined up for the year that people can look forward to. But I am most excited about our upcoming winter range…

What makes Grade Africa a brand that people love?
Grade is authentic – it is the brand that represents South Africa and Africa in the international streetwear community. It is relatable, and once you purchase Grade you are a part of something much bigger than just a clothing brand. It is a diverse community that brings the best out of you. Pop in and try it 🙂