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The V&A Waterfront is a scenic canvas for professional films and photography. Our diversity of buildings, quays, harbours and outdoor spaces like Battery Park make us a thrilling location for shoots. Email to obtain permission.

Previous movies and TV shows shot on location at the V&A Waterfront:


This is one of most iconic movies filmed in the V&A Waterfront and surrounds of Cape Town. The scenes in the Waterfront were shot along Quay 6 through to and including the Robben Island Museum and Amphitheatre. The cast includes Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman and Tony Kgoroge.

24 Hours to Live
The Table Bay Hotel, Quay 6, a Marina residential unit, Amway House and the former Mondiall Restaurant can be spotted in this film that stars Ethan Hawk, Xu Qing and Paul Anderson. Base camp was at the Cape Town Cruise Terminal.

The Giver
The movie was shot in the V&A Waterfront Studios and outside Den Anker and the V&A Hotel. The base camp was on North Wharf. The cast includes Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Brenton Thwaites, Taylor Swift, Alexander Skarsgard, Odeya Rush and Katie Holmes, who were occasionally spotted shopping at the V&A Waterfront.


Dominion 1 + 2
Both seasons had scenes filmed in Cape Town and the V&A Waterfront Studios, with large base camps at the Cape Town Cruise Terminal. The cast includes Tom Wisdom, Christopher Egan and Carl Beukes.

Noughts + Crosses
This was filmed in various sections of the harbour, between the Cape Town Cruise Terminal and Fruit Terminal, as well as at Battery Park, on the canal side. Base camp was at the Cape Town Cruise Terminal. The cast includes Jack Rowan and Basali Baduza.

Die Waterfront
This Showmax-exclusive series is a star-studded family drama set in the underworld of the V&A Waterfront. Ship-construction patriarch Ben Myburgh has died. His three estranged daughters, Julia, Anna and Kate, must return to the family boat-building business in the Cape Town harbour. This dark story of secrecy, sibling rivalry and cut-throat business practices, where one will do anything to survive, takes a twist when only one of Ben’s daughters inherits the family’s business empire. This was shot in various quaysides of the V&A Waterfront over three months. The show includes Rolanda Marais, Milan Murray and Trix Vivier.

Kissing Booth
Various scenes were shot in the canal at Battery Park. Base camp was at the Cape Town Cruise Terminal. The show stars Joey King, Joel Courtney, Taylor Zakhar and Meganne Young.

One of the scenes of this mini-series was filmed over three days in the Golden Arrow bus depot. Base camp was the parking area that housed the City of Cape Town desalination plant. The show stars Graham Sibley as Abraham Lincoln and Jenny Stead as Mary Todd Lincoln.

Part of this series was filmed on Quay 6 and on one of the V&A Waterfront Princess yachts. The base camp was the Cape Town Cruise Terminal. The cast includes Jeremy Sisto, Judith Shekoni, Ray Wnstone and Cam Gigandet.

Fear Factor India
The V&A Waterfront has hosted many Fear Factor shows, including Fear Factor Malaysia and Fear Factor SA. Both series of Fear Factor India were shot in and around Cape Town. The V&A Waterfront hosted these shows on Jetty 2, with publicity shots of the celebrity cast at Battery Park, Silo Precinct and Quay 6.

Other movies and series filmed at the V&A Waterfront:
Survivor SA (2019)
The Maze Runner 3 (2018)
The Crown (2015)
Braai King (2008)
Tomb Raider (2008)
Blood Diamond (2006)

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