Lookout 7 – Table Bay Hotel

Environmental message:

Choose sustainable seafood – download the SASSI app to help you make healthy choices for you and the ocean. Look out too for the MSC label on seafood products.


  • I have a hard outer skeleton that I  shed to grow. This is called  moulting. 
  • I have eyes on stalks which I can withdraw and fold into a protective groove on my head. 
  • I walk sideways so that my long legs don’t get entangled.

West coast rock lobster

Jasus lalandii
  • I live on inshore reefs and crevices in the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • I grow slowly and can live up to 40 years.
  • I eat mussels, urchins, starfish, abalone (perlemoen) and even barnacles. 
  • I am hunted by octopus, dogsharks, seals  and otters
  • People like to eat me and so many of us have been harvested that scientists are concerned about our future.

Cape sea urchin

Parechinus angulosus
  • I have a pumpkin-shaped hard shell which is covered with spines. 
  • I have five double rows of tubefeet and tiny stalked pincers all over my body. 
  • I have five jaws which I use to graze and scrape kelp and algae off rocks. 
  • I sometimes make an umbrella out of bits of shell and seaweed to protect me from the sun or to use as camouflage so that I can hide from predators.