Watershed, your #DestinationDesign



There is nothing quite like a fine piece of jewellery to complete an outfit.

Whether it’s subtle elegance, or bold power statements, the right piece can add the required gravitas to any look.

At the Watershed, you’ll find a wide range of locally crafted, high-quality, unique jewellery items to suit any taste or look. Go ahead. Treat yourself this spring.

We’ve got 150+ tenants, selling over 365 of the very best of local art, design, decor, jewellery and fashion brands, making the Watershed your design destination.

That’s one brand for every day of the year. Coincidence? You be the judge of that.

If you're looking for some amazing local pieces, be sure to check out:

These are just some of the jewellery pieces on offer, so be prepared to be tempted when you visit the Watershed.