Watershed, your #DestinationDesign

Fashion & Accessories


Fashion is certainly not taking a back seat in summer ‘17.

With summer just around the corner, we thought it would be the perfect time to toss out the old and enter the season with a fresh, new look.
Thanks to the Watershed, your number one destination design hotspot, everyone has options galore. We’ve got the best in ladies, men’s and kiddies wear, not forgetting super awesome toys and the best in decor.
Think bright colours, beautiful textures, bold designs and unique fashion items and accessories such as man bags and happy socks for the guys, the best wardrobe staples for the ladies and little shoppers can also be on trend with the best in boys and girls fashion; all this and more at the Watershed. So when next you’re heading for this amazing design hub, make sure you tell your wardrobe of last summer to sit down while you add some new items that will soon become your firm favourites

The Watershed has more than 150 tenants selling the very best of local art, design, decor, jewellery and fashion brands to keep the whole family on trend and in fashion.

Be sure to check out the following stores to satisfy all your shopping needs:

These are just some of our fashion offerings, so be prepared to be tempted when you visit the Watershed.