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Film & Photographic Booking Form

​​Applications require a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 days for processing . Applications must be received during V&A Waterfront office hours which are Monday to Friday 08h00 to 17h00.


Film & Photographic shoots will not be allowed on site on Public Holidays, Long Weekends, School Holidays and from 16 December to 9 January every year. This is due to the congestion of visitors over these periods on our property, making it difficult to manage the site.

To be completed and submitted by all parties who wish to conduct shoots (stills, video, film) within the areas administered by the V&A Waterfront.

Any supporting documentation such as site images or story boards must be emailed directly to post submission of this form. Please indicate the company name on your email.

Applicant's Name *

Physical Address *
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Company Name *

Company VAT No
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Company Registration No *

Phone Number *

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Email Address *

Production Manager / Director's Name *

Assistant's Name *

Location / Unit Manager's Name *

Title of Production *

Total number of persons on location: cast and crew *

Shoot Starts Date & Time *

Shoot Ends Date & Time *

Total number of hours required to complete the shoot and clear the area *

Vehicle part of the shoot *
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Note: Vehicle access is not allowed on site where shoot is taking place (all vehicles to park in V&A designated parking areas).
If vehicle is part of the shoot, prior arrangement is to be agreed upon.

Type of production / Shoot *

Name / Description of location required *

Filming area required *
(approximately size of area in square meters)

Catering area required *
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Note: Cost to be determined once all information has been received from the applicant and layout of shoot is received.
No entry to site will be allowed until full payments is made.

Will members of public be interviewed? *
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Construction required? *
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Generators to be used? *
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Animals / Birds / Plants? *
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Special effects / Guns / Explosives / Smoke machines ? *
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Motor Vehicle / Cycle action sequence? *
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Helicopter / Aeroplane sequence? *
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Dangerous substances? *
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Boats / Marine activities / Jet ski? *
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Other (brief explanation) *
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Security officer(s) required? *
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Filming on public road? *
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I, in my capacity as duly authorized agent of the Applicant herein acknowledge having read the Terms and Conditions marked Annexure A and B and agree that I render the Applicant legally bound by them in the event that the Filming Permit is granted by the V&A Waterfront.


  • Applications require a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 days for processing . Applications must be received during V&A Waterfront office hours.
  • V&A Waterfront office hours are Monday to Friday 08h00 to 17h00.
  • Applicants must ensure that information provided on the Application form is accurate and that relevant support documents are provided. Incomplete forms cannot be processed, and will add to the time delays.
  • The Applicant will receive a quote and once signed off an invoice will be processed and once payment made, a permit will be processed.
  • The Applicant will then receive a permit , which must be kept with them at all times. In cases where fees must be paid ,the receipt must be attached to the permit. A copy of the permit is sent to Security Management.