Saturday, 26 May 2018
20.85 ℃ clear sky
V&A Waterfront Pierhead, between wooden deck & chess board
May 19, 2018

Come and learn about astronomy at the V&A Waterfront through our regular outreach sessions. Astronomy is not only about star gazing, one can also view the sun through special telescope filters and can discuss our nearest star with any of the Cape Centre members.

One can also calculate the distance from the earth to the sun by measuring the length of certain shadows. The moon (First Quarter) is also visible in the afternoons of our outreach days and becomes increasingly spectacular through a telescope as the night becomes darker. Approximately four billion years of astronomical history are etched on its battered surface which raises the question of why the earth does not appear to be so pitted with craters and dark volcanic ‘seas’.

Lastly, there is usually at least one planet visible in the night sky, the most exciting being Jupiter with its four Galilean moons and Saturn with its rings. See you there?

3:00 PM – 9:30 PM
082 898 1057


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