Switch Thumb Astronomy Outreach Observe the Sun, the Moon and other heavenly bodies through the telescopes provided by the Cape Centre of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa and learn more about our fascinating universe. Stargazing, astronomy, telescopes, universe, galaxy2018-02-23T22:00:00Z2018-12-14T22:00:00ZGP0|#1340a35c-5e78-405b-8648-d07b4d01a854;L0|#01340a35c-5e78-405b-8648-d07b4d01a854|December;GTSet|#355f269d-aab9-44ed-8fa8-0a2190be40d8 Years of PhotojournalismA glimpse of the life of a wire photographer from Africa. A solo photo exhibition including Award winning images and unpublished photos of Nelson Mandela.2018-02-28T22:00:00Z2018-05-30T22:00:00ZGP0|#4e30c9e5-3391-4dac-a8f1-7674e46a0528;L0|#04e30c9e5-3391-4dac-a8f1-7674e46a0528|March;GTSet|#355f269d-aab9-44ed-8fa8-0a2190be40d8 it’s Okay!In a world where there is so much hate, discrimination, racism, sexism and homophobia, it is comforting to know that something as simple as a rainbow flag can bring people together. Lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, gender queer, asexual or pansexual and so on, it does not matter. People should be allowed to be who they are, be with whom they want to be and just be happy.2018-03-06T22:00:00Z2018-03-06T22:00:00ZGP0|#4e30c9e5-3391-4dac-a8f1-7674e46a0528;L0|#04e30c9e5-3391-4dac-a8f1-7674e46a0528|March;GTSet|#355f269d-aab9-44ed-8fa8-0a2190be40d8 ProjectWOOF Project is ‘pop – up’ mobile dog adoption initiative by Oscars Arc, a NPO born to inspire dog adoption and to save dogs’ lives. WOOF Project invites you to pop by and meet these wonderful healthy shelter dogs and adopt one if you are ready to acquire a great dog. Those interested in adopting a dog complete a brief application and each dog is ready to go upon a brief home check. Every dog is microchipped, vaccinated and sterilized and WOOF Project also includes a Name Your Price Adoption Fee – and the guarantee that the adoption is a ‘perfect match’.2018-03-31T22:00:00Z2018-04-28T22:00:00ZGP0|#25a60cb5-100b-4cd6-a440-dd788d9b819b;L0|#025a60cb5-100b-4cd6-a440-dd788d9b819b|April;GTSet|#355f269d-aab9-44ed-8fa8-0a2190be40d8 Movie: Blood DiamondThe Galileo Open Air Cinema welcomes you to a magical movie experience of cinematic delights, tantalizing treats and breath-taking scenery under a canopy of stars.movies, open-air, cinema, galileo, outdoors2018-04-25T22:00:00Z2018-04-25T22:00:00ZGP0|#25a60cb5-100b-4cd6-a440-dd788d9b819b;L0|#025a60cb5-100b-4cd6-a440-dd788d9b819b|April;GTSet|#355f269d-aab9-44ed-8fa8-0a2190be40d8 – Live sessions as SiJoin us at Si on Thursdays from 5:30 – 7:30pm for good music and flowing tequila (powered by Don Julio)2018-04-25T22:00:00Z2018-04-25T22:00:00ZGP0|#25a60cb5-100b-4cd6-a440-dd788d9b819b;L0|#025a60cb5-100b-4cd6-a440-dd788d9b819b|April;GTSet|#355f269d-aab9-44ed-8fa8-0a2190be40d8 SA TaiChi QiGong dayThis is event creates a wave of good energy and “Chi” that circulates planet earth and uplifts people and communities, with over 70 countries participating this event is growing rapidly, at the heart of this are the Chinese arts of Tai Chi & Qi Gong practices 2018-04-27T22:00:00Z2018-04-27T22:00:00ZGP0|#25a60cb5-100b-4cd6-a440-dd788d9b819b;L0|#025a60cb5-100b-4cd6-a440-dd788d9b819b|April;GTSet|#355f269d-aab9-44ed-8fa8-0a2190be40d8 car presents: V&A Summer Sessions - Jimmy NevisA highlight on the events calendar in Cape Town is the V&A Waterfront’s Summer Concerts, presented by the new smart car, are back to liven up the summer. Taking place at the Amphitheatre, the musical event offers acoustic performances by well-known names against views of Table Mountain and the city – making this the perfect way to spend a summer’s evening.2018-04-28T22:00:00Z2018-04-28T22:00:00ZGP0|#25a60cb5-100b-4cd6-a440-dd788d9b819b;L0|#025a60cb5-100b-4cd6-a440-dd788d9b819b|April;GTSet|#355f269d-aab9-44ed-8fa8-0a2190be40d8 4 Battle of the Bands ‘18 Back by popular demand the Quay 4 Battle of the Bands is now open for 2018 entries. Bands from all over the Cape will battle it out May to August, every Tuesday evening with the finale on the 28th of August 2018! Quay 4 proudly supports the local music industry…2018-04-30T22:00:00Z2018-08-27T22:00:00ZGP0|#d40ddaac-ac16-4a62-ae4a-6f7375ad82cd;L0|#0d40ddaac-ac16-4a62-ae4a-6f7375ad82cd|May;GTSet|#355f269d-aab9-44ed-8fa8-0a2190be40d8 Journey InternationalYouths finding their purpose and bringing social change in their own communities. It is a personal development program, which build people's self-esteem and confidence and provide them with an opportunity to learn new skills in leadership, team-work, decision-making, problem-solving, communication, empathy development, negotiation, report-writing, presentation skills, event management, interview skills, educational empowerment, life skills and more.2018-12-11T22:00:00Z2018-12-11T22:00:00ZGP0|#1340a35c-5e78-405b-8648-d07b4d01a854;L0|#01340a35c-5e78-405b-8648-d07b4d01a854|December;GTSet|#355f269d-aab9-44ed-8fa8-0a2190be40d8