2015-05-26T22:00:00Z3Watershed, V&A WaterfrontAlready home to some of Africa’s most inspired art, craft and design, The Watershed at the V&A Waterfront will continue its celebration of local creativity with the introduction of the Good Night Market to Cape Town’s monthly calendar.<div>​Housed within The&#160;Watershed, the Good Night Market will open on the last Wednesday of each month and showcase all things creative. Each month, the market will go above and beyond a focal creative showcase, bringing live music, food trucks and a drinks bar to the space to entertain visitors on their meander around the market’s offerings.​ Below is the creative showcase for May Good Night Market&#58;Rainbow Transit photography exhibition&#160;curated by Per-Anders PetterssonSwedish born, Per-Anders Pettersson is an award winning photographer.&#160;He has exhibited&#160;several times at Visa Pour L’mage, Perpignan and at other festivals and galleries around the world.&#160;Join us as he showcases his work inspired by our&#160;rainbow nation.&#160;​Doodle SessionJoin the&#160;1000Drawings campaign and come down as we doodle for a cause.&#160;For the people, by the people - despite its increase in size, 1000Drawings remains an enthusiastic community volunteer initiative. 1000Drawings is an empowerment project that culminates in a one-night-only, massive inner-city art sale to raise funds for a deserving cause – The Night of a 1000Drawings. The public are invited to join in and doodle. Their doodling will be put on display on the night and will be resold at the end of the year as part of the 1000Drawings campaign.&#160;&#160;Live PortraitsArtist Ello and Black Koki are the 2 artists doing live illustrated portraits. They work together as Love and Hate Studio. &#160;Come down and receive your free portait by these talented&#160;illustrators.&#160;&#160;</div>GP0|#7ccdc7d9-6e1b-4ee7-920a-61db1a388eb5;L0|#07ccdc7d9-6e1b-4ee7-920a-61db1a388eb5|Portswood Garage;GTSet|#77ffa18a-c716-4e28-9e0f-14946dccab8f021 408 7600events@waterfront.co.zawww.waterfront.co.zahttps://www.facebook.com/VandAWaterfronthttps://twitter.com/VandAWaterfront<img alt="" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/PublishingImages/Good%20Night%20Market%20380X563.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#1d86d341-0eaa-4d67-97a2-d77258073d8e;L0|#01d86d341-0eaa-4d67-97a2-d77258073d8e|Family;GTSet|#75375da6-0815-46ce-a6c6-47b9173f8b31GP0|#d40ddaac-ac16-4a62-ae4a-6f7375ad82cd;L0|#0d40ddaac-ac16-4a62-ae4a-6f7375ad82cd|May;GTSet|#355f269d-aab9-44ed-8fa8-0a2190be40d801<img alt="" src="/sites/waterfrontcontent/PublishingImages/Good%20Night%20Market%20265X180.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><div class="ExternalClassC3A4804ABA82458080628197E37BC571"><p>​​N/A</p></div>18h00 - 21h00FREEGP0|#fdb8bad6-1990-4f24-9d09-1c1145dec22d;L0|#0fdb8bad6-1990-4f24-9d09-1c1145dec22d|May-Good-Night-Market;GTSet|#8dbb8159-f73a-4db5-89b5-12dd3cd66408;GPP|#00bf30e6-7b9d-421d-a6b9-70e6491a2124Watershed, V&A WaterfrontGood Night Market; design; craft; creativity; markets; food trucks; craft beer; Watershed; entertainment