What our attractions are doing to support your health & safety

This is updated hourly to ensure our visitors have the most up to date information possible. 

At this stage most of the attractions and activities are open and following strict hygiene protocol.

Please note the following closures:

Handy Tourism Resources: 

South African Tourism has a COVID-19 Content Centre where they provide a daily update on the infection / death rates, as well as focus on the daily news updates  surrounding the outbreak.

WESGRO also has a COVID-19 Content Centre with a great FAQ section. Check it out here.

Art Jamming:

  • Artjamming have taken every measure to ensure the safety of clients. They have removed 50% of easels to comply with social distancing recommendations.
  • They sterilise and sanitise entire store from top to bottom on a regular basis.
  • Proactively trained all staff in safe hygiene.
  • They have a great initiative for school holidays. They’ve packaged retail stock into take-away bags so people can get creative at home and offering a delivering service.

Yacoob Yachts:

  • They have reduced capacity to 50% to allow for social distancing. Tigresse max 40 pax including crew, Jolly Roger 35 pax including crew and Ameera 20- pax including crew.
  • Jolly Roger birthday parties have all been cancelled and are only trading Friday through Sunday.
  • Where customers have requested private charters, an additional vessel has been included to allow for separation.
  • Vessels are being sprayed with a disinfector before and after each cruise. Implemented reduced trip times to allow for more cleaning time.
  • Hand sanitizer is available for passengers and crew. Guests are asked to use them upon boarding and leaving vessels.
  • Sunset cruises sans sparkling wine at a reduced rate.
  • Issued no questions asked full refunds for all forward bookings that are cancelled due to the concern of the COVID-19 virus.
  • Adapt as new government regulations come into force.

Cape Wheel:

Trading times as of the 20th March 2020, will be as follow:

  • Monday to Sunday 10am to 20:00 pm until further communication is sent from management team and they will monitor what government is issuing throughout the coming days.

SUP Cape Town:

  • Have put up notices in their shop with the virus info and importance of washing of hands.
  • Hand sanitiser available before entering the shop for clients to sanitise.
  • Regular cleaning and desanitising of all surfaces.
  • Strict hygiene and cleaning procedure in terms of rental equipment after each use.
  • Made sanitiser avaiable for their staff and they are constantly reminded to clean hands.


  • They have installed additional disinfectant dispensers in public areas
  • They have greatly increased the frequency of cleaning in public areas
  • They have distributed and hung up detailed instructions for washing hands.
  • Strict hygiene and cleaning procedure in terms of rental equipment after each use.
  • Employees are required to avoid shaking hands (Regrettably)
  • Employees have been intensively trained in various internal and external measures

such as:

  1. Regular hand washing & hand disinfection
  2. Observe the cough and sneeze etiquette (only in the crook of your arm, dispose handkerchief after single use)
  3. In case of flu-like symptoms, our employees stay at home

AWOL Tours

Temporarily closing the Pod at Clock Tower as of Friday, 20 March 2020 until the travel bans are lifted. All upcoming tours to mid-April have been cancelled.

Shimansky Stores and Diamond Museum

Safety and health of customers and staff are high priority. To guarantee their commitment to keeping community safe, they are sharing their guide on how they have created a clean and sanitized environment at Shimansky stores and the Diamond Museum:

  • Through the course of the day, they continuously disinfecting stores and high-touch surfaces with an alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • They encourage all customers entering the store, as well as staff, to frequently use the hand sanitizer provided, which consists of over 60% alcohol.
  • Upon arrival, customers are given a hand sanitizer that is easily accessible at the entrance of our store.
  • Their jewellery and showrooms are constantly disinfected.
  • They urge staff members to stay at home if they’re feeling ill or if they’ve been in contact with ill individuals.

Waterfront Charters

All sensible approaches to containment and enhanced hygiene protocols are being put in place on all vessels and booking office.

These include:

  • Every staff member has been comprehensively briefed according to the guidelines set out by the World Health Organisation and we are all fully committed to the process
  • All staff and crew are sanitizing their hands frequently.
  • Hand sanitizers are available at various stations and on each boat for clientele.
  • The boats are sanitized after every trip.
  • Alcohol will not be available for purchase from 18h00 on each vessel.
  • The capacity of each boat trip has been minimized to under 50 guests to allow for social distancing.


They are implemented the following measures consistent with the CDC’s everyday preventive actions to help prevent the spread of this disease.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at all times in all parts of the yacht for patrons and staff to use as often as possible.
  • The Mirage has always been super clean and spotless, and the crew will to constantly wipe down the seating after every charter using gloves.
  • No handshakes to clients, you can respectively give your elbow or a wave hello.
  • All staff behind the scenes are to be wearing gloves when washing dishes.
  • In small spaces no more than 3 crew members are allowed at any given time, this includes the kitchen and crew mess.
  • The Mirage is not to go over 50 pax including crew and suppliers.
  • When preparing food, gloves and masks are to be worn at all times.
  • Before boarding the crew are to have the bottle of sanitizer and ensure pax sanitize before
  • signing the register.
  • No selling of alcohol on Mon-Sat after 18:00
  • No selling of alcohol on Sunday after 13:00
  • Our Sunset Cruise rate will be R360 per person until further notice.


They are following the government’s hygiene guidelines:

  • All staff have received hygiene training.
  • They’re all washing their hands with soap throughout the day, and cleaning the surfaces in the shop.
  • All bikes are washed daily, and the parts that may be touched like seats, bells, handlebars and handles are sanitised before and after every ride.
  • They are taking every precaution to remain hygienic, and will stay open for as long as they are officially allowed to.