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Each and every piece of exquisite handmade Platandia jewellery is a work of art.

A perfect fusion of nature, technology, and innovative bespoke design.

Crafted from at least one of nature’s most rare and most precious resources – PLAtinum, TANzanite and DIAmonds – each piece is created using a combination of traditional and modern techniques. All Gemstones used in the making of Platandia jewellery are carefully selected to ensure they meet the highest grade in terms of colour, cut, brilliance and clarity.

The distinctive Platandia brand is defined by exceptional craftsmanship, inventive form, and unsurpassed quality. It is a brand for people who wear their jewellery as an expression of individuality and indulgence.

Owning a piece from the exclusive collection is the ultimate experience for anyone with a taste for true luxury.

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