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Nunabean is not a unique story (thankfully), but it is a special story. The kind that involves creating something out of love and passion whilst giving back to others.

Our Nunabean story is constantly evolving, as we pour our love for quality into our locally produced Knitted Collection handmade by one of our 33 retired senior citizens and using locally sourced natural handsown, hand dyed yarns.

Choose from our 100% bamboo blankets and pineapple bubble baby rompers, nature-inspired beanies, lotus scarves, baby bloomers, cloud-hopping baby booties and eco-friendly jerseys, all just like-granny-use-to-knit.

Look out for our Easywear Fabric Collection made from delicious natural fabrics, keeping with the Nunabean ethics and style. Launching this summer 2019!

Love ant and the Nunabean team.

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