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The Growbag range is a container gardening solution that’s made from upcycled billboard advertising material. A waste material that would normally be thrown away is transformed into a worldwide unique range of planter containers/bags. Growbag is creating new life out of a dead material – by growing plants, vegetables or herbs!

Once the advertising campaign is over we collect the billboards, cut them into the various shapes and create a unique product range that tells a story and serves as reminder that living sustainably is a necessity in this day and age. Each planter bag is a one of a kind in colour and pattern; our range is lightweight, space-saving, highly durable and eco-friendly. Our range of upcycled planting container/bags has been created to serve two purposes: To empower people to be more conscious about waste and to live sustainably by growing their own food. Our planter range can fit any living space and can be used indoors as well as indoors!

With this project we support underprivileged communities by donating planters to urban gardeners around Cape Town. Each Growbag is handmade in Cape Town by skilled producers who pride themselves with quality work and ethics. With this project we are empowering our staff and creating jobs.


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