Shimansky – Say ‘Yes’ with the ‘I Do’ engagement ring

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Engagement rings from only R17 700 & Wedding bands (plain) from R6500

The Shimansky ‘I Do’ Diamond Engagement Ring is the perfect reminder of the moment you uttered the words, ‘I do.’ Available in 18K White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold.

Special Promo on 0.30ct ‘I Do’ rings from only R17 700. 18KW Round Brilliant Cut Diamond 0.30ct G/SI – From: R22 800 18KY Round Brilliant Cut Diamond 0.30ct J/SI – From: R19 500 18KR Round Brilliant Cut Diamond 0.30ct K/SI – From: R17 700 Matching 18K Half Round Wedding band, @R 6 500 (no diamond on band – plain band)

Available at the Shimansky V&A Waterfront store, Clocktower showroom and online enquiries via [email protected]

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Key to the hard-won reputation of Shimansky is the ethical and immaculate documentation of each stone’s journey from deep within the earth, to its sale as part of a dazzling item of jewellery. After the precious gems have been selected, they follow a carefully monitored path into the workshops of Shimansky’s expert artisans, where they are marked, cut and polished to the most exacting of standards, with a focus on brilliance, rather than size. In fact, most larger stones will become two or more cut diamonds, with an emphasis on showcasing their mesmerising character. Experience the journey of a diamond direct from mine to finger at the Clock Tower Shimansky Showrooms where the location offers a unique discovery and insight into the world of diamonds.