Shimansky – Always remember Africa, wherever you go

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Selected specials on the My Africa and Southern Cross Collections

Bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings on promotion throughout December.

Available at the Shimansky V&A Waterfront store, Clocktower showroom and online enquiries via [email protected]

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Clock Tower
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Clock Tower Centre Garage
Key to the hard-won reputation of Shimansky is the ethical and immaculate documentation of each stone’s journey from deep within the earth, to its sale as part of a dazzling item of jewellery. After the precious gems have been selected, they follow a carefully monitored path into the workshops of Shimansky’s expert artisans, where they are marked, cut and polished to the most exacting of standards, with a focus on brilliance, rather than size. In fact, most larger stones will become two or more cut diamonds, with an emphasis on showcasing their mesmerising character. Experience the journey of a diamond direct from mine to finger at the Clock Tower Shimansky Showrooms where the location offers a unique discovery and insight into the world of diamonds.