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Vic Wharf

Streetwise Specials – Limited Time Specials :

Streetwise Bozza – R37.90
Streetwise bucket for -1 R37.90
Streetwise 2 – R39.90
Streetwise 5 – R99

KFC ALL Star box – R72.90

Shop No
Ground Level
Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre
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Victoria Wharf Garage
Good moments are those times when friends and family are brought together by the delicious taste of KFC’s Original Recipe Chicken. Memories of the drive-through after a night out with friends, or that time when you ate straight out of the bucket on your family picnic, or that first date you went on. Those are the moments worth recording. Get all your favourites here at KFC – from chicken burgers to wraps, twisters to zinger wings, milkshakes to krushers and soft twirls. Finger lickin’ good KFC is the place whether you want a bite on the run, or if not in a hurry, you want to take your time at one of the tables outside to enjoy the view while you eat.