Meet the Creatives

Introducing the 2023 Artist Alliance Incubator programme cohort. 6 Exceptional creatives chosen from disciplines such as Fine Art, filmmaking, music producing, illustration and graphic design to take part in a two month programme.


Anelissa Nkanyuza

Anelissa, also known as LisaTriesToArt, is a digital artist, illustrator, and animator based in Cape Town. Her academic background includes Game Design and Interactive Media studies at the University of the Witwatersrand. Anelissa’s creative pursuits revolve around character design, world-building, and dynamic storytelling through illustrations and animations. She has a passion for bringing characters and their stories to life, often collaborating with musicians to create animated visualizers that enhance the music. Her artistic influences span a wide range, from video game concept art and graphic novels to film and fashion, both locally and internationally. Anelissa is dedicated to her craft and invites you to join her on this artistic journey. 






Carmen Jacobs

Carmen is a self-taught artist whose creative journey has taken her through various realms of artistry. Initially drawn to animation, she soon discovered the world of Graphic Design, merging art with function. Over six years of Graphic Design study, Carmen’s skills evolved, leading to a deep passion for illustration. Her artistic odyssey extended to music, where she embraced roles as an album cover artist, beatmaker, and writer. Carmen’s creative voyage remains in constant motion, marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to expanding her artistic horizons. 






Dumi Mparutsa

Dumisane, a self-taught artist originally from Harare, Zimbabwe and currently residing in Cape Town, explores the depths of his subconscious as a source of creative inspiration. His work involves collages, book creations, and a keen interest in sculpture, using found objects, paint, and magazines. He perceives the subconscious as a reservoir of emotions and memories, particularly from childhood, which shape his artistic expressions. Dumisane considers himself a diver, delving fearlessly into his subconscious to extract emotional and imaginative treasures. His art serves as a conduit for healing, expressing inner emotions and catalyzing positive changes in external experiences. 






Larissa Mwanyama

Larissa is a creative known for her exceptional talent in capturing and conveying visual intimacy with a touch of intrigue. Her vibrant colour palettes and intricate linework are complemented by her solid foundation in Fine Art and Curatorial studies, lending a unique depth to her work. Larissa believes in the divine inspiration that guides her in crafting visual narratives that not only represent collaborators but also embody her distinct design perspective. With an Afrofuturistic lens, she brings a fresh voice to the design world, where her services are in high demand. Larissa’s work aims to create moments of contemplation and offers a universe of its own within each project. As a freelance designer, her mission extends beyond delivering visual products; it’s about creating meaningful experiences and sharing knowledge. Larissa’s work is a testament to her creative magic, and she eagerly looks forward to inspiring others and leaving a lasting impact on their creative journeys. 





Lehlohonolo “Hlohi” Ndlovu

Lehlohonolo, originally from Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, has a background woven between three South African cities: Brits in North West, Johannesburg, and Newcastle. Currently residing and working in Cape Town, Hlohi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Media Production with a focus on digital media from the University of Cape Town, completed in 2016. In 2018, she achieved her postgraduate Bachelor’s in City Planning with honors, also from UCT. Hlohi’s professional portfolio includes freelance videography and photography projects spanning diverse industries, encompassing education, affordable housing, music, and food. In her personal work, she delves into themes surrounding queerness in South Africa, post-colonial urbanism, and their interconnectedness in shaping individual identities within post-apartheid South Africa. 





Sipho Ngqayimbana

Sipho, known as Msai, is a Cape Town native renowned for his skills as a record producer, beat-maker, DJ, and sound engineer. While studying Computer Science at the University of Cape Town, he discovered his passion for music production in 2016, notably during the FeesMustFall movement. Since then, he’s been on a dedicated musical journey, collaborating with artists like Lurah, Bravo Le Roux, Soul T, and Flash Ikumkani. His breakthrough came in 2019 when he executive produced Lurah’s project “New Drug 2,” gaining respect and recognition. In 2020, he co-founded the independent label Trap Money Music Group, releasing notable projects like “Trap Money Saved Me” and “NINETEEN95.” Msai’s story is one of artistic evolution and unwavering dedication in the Cape Town music scene.