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1 February - 4 March 2019

A pig can’t fly, but one such pig can paint! Pigcasso, the half a ton of talent prodigy who has been taking the art world by storm since releasing her signature abstract expressionist collection last year has now become the first of the non-human kind to host her own art exhibition – OINK – and the pink pop up exhibition is returning to the V&A Waterfront in February.

Pigcasso was rescued at from a typical industrialized hog farm in the Western Cape by Joanne Lefson in 2016. When Lefson noticed that Pigcasso had a knack for the paint brushes casually lying in the barn, she decided to nurture the interest and develop Pigcasso’s artistic career. The artworks represent a collaboration of human and pig, Joanne selecting the colour(s) and themes with Pigcasso doing all the physical brushworks – and adding the final touches with her personal signature- touching the canvas with her nose tip dipped nose tip dipped in beetroot juice.

The famous pig has headlined the 50th Anniversary of the global NISSAN group and more recently is the face behind a famous watch brand. Proceeds benefiting Farm Sanctuary South Africa – an NPO that aims to educate consumers on the detrimental effects of factory faming on the planet and to inspire their choices to cultivate a sustainable food production system for all generations to come.

So besides a better planet, what else is on the agenda for the half-ton porker? Another Kilo of caramel coated popcorn – and a painting to hang in the Musée d’Orsay one day.

For more information contact Farm Sanctuary SA +27 (61) 4995006

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


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