World Design Capital 2014

Below follows a list of the exhibitions and events which took place at the water’s edge.

#WDC367 - The V&A Waterfront: Beautiful Spaces, Beautiful Things
#WDC201 - Workshop17: African Innovation, Global Conversation
#WDC233 - No1 Silo: Today for Tomorrow
#WDC689 - Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa
#WDC356 - Boek Hoeks
#WDC204 - Better Living Challenge Showcase
#WDC411 - Ukusela eKapa
Lighthouse 2014
V&A Waterfront Mobility Month Expo
#WDC616 - Design Jungle Fever
100 Bicycles Exhibition
#WDC456 - The Playing Commons - a travelogue of toy design
#WDC578 - Take a Seat (Pierre Cronje)

About World Design Capital 2014

Cape Town’s bid to be World Design Capital 2014 formed part of the broader vision to transform Cape Town, through design, into a sustainable, productive African city, bridging historic divides and building social and economic inclusion.

Cape Town was designated World Design Capital 2014 at the International Design Alliance (IDA) Congress in October 2011 in Taipei. This prestigious designation is bestowed biennially by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID). World Design Capitals recognise the value of design thinking, and are dedicated to using design as tool for social, cultural and economic development. Previous winners have been Helsinki, Seoul and Turin, and Cape Town won the 2014 bid against fierce competition from rival shortlisted cities, Bilbao and Dublin.

Winning meant that Cape Town played host to a number of World Design Capital Signature Events during 2014, including an International Design House Exhibition, International Design Policy Conference and an International Design Gala, to name a few.
It was good news for Cape Town, not just in terms of a boost in visitor numbers, but also because there were loads of opportunities for our creative communities to get involved as exhibitors, speakers, delegates, partners and suppliers. Not to mention a myriad of inspiring events for all citizens to experience.

Importantly, World Design Capital meant that local initiatives got the benefit of the global spotlight during 2014.