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The V&A Waterfront is pleased to announce the implementation of a state-of-the-art fibre optic network throughout the property, which is now available for tenants and residents to utilise. This forms part of the V&A's vision to provide tenants with an open access platform that will enable businesses of all shapes and sizes within the V&A boundaries to gain access to a world-class fibre optic network, connected to a range of top Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

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How has the fibre optic network at the V&A Waterfront been set up?

The roll-out of the fibre optic network started in 2012, with 20+ kilometres throughout the precinct supplied and installed to date.

The V&A Waterfront, as the landlord and approver of installations of electronic equipment within the precinct and associated buildings, has appointed Dimension Data as a partner to deliver and manage the fibre optic network.

Tenants will retain or contract their choice of network service providers, who in turn will be allowed access to the V&A’s fibre optic network (liaising with Dimension Data) to connect the tenant.

A single trench policy has been implemented, which means that all service providers wanting to connect and provide fibre optic service to the V&A tenants will need to run their fibre optics connection through the existing V&A Waterfront fibre infrastructure.

What are the benefits of a fibre optic network?

The fibre optic network provides superfast and reliable connectivity to the internet or between sites within the V&A precinct.

It has a much higher bandwidth capacity, ensures far greater service reliability, and offers more secure connections than copper infrastructure (ADSL/Diginet).

The fibre optics network options are flexible and can provide scalable bandwidth to SMEs, corporates, Internet Service Providers and Mobile Service Providers.

The bandwidth options available over the fibre infrastructure ranges from 1Mbps to 1000Mbps speeds and can extend to 10Gbps on request.

The ISP will offer tenants either a SME or Corporate internet access offering based on your business needs.

As a Tenant, how can I utilise the fibre optic network at the V&A Waterfront?

Should you express interest, contact V&A on who will put you in touch with our integrated ISPs and relevant ISP representatives should you not have a dedicated account manager from the advertised list of ISPs.


1. Contact your preferred local Internet Service Provider to obtain a quote for connecting to the fibre optic network at the V&A Waterfront.

2. Once you have approved the Internet Service Provider quote, a Fibre Optic Planner from the V&A Waterfront will assess the best existing fibre route for your needs.

3. A date and time will be arranged to install the fibre switch and ISP router.

4. Your Internet Service Provider will test the fibre route and internet and confirm they are working.  Contact your Internet Service Provider should you have any queries after installation.

Which Internet Service Providers can be contacted to set up fibre optics for my business at the V&A Waterfront?

  • Mweb Business
  • Cyber Smart
  • City Of Cape Town
  • Vox Telecom

Who do I contact if I have any more questions?

Contact our V&A representative Fabian January on +27 21 408 7500 or  @ 




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