<div class="ExternalClassD65970523D0449D8863827A6545EDC78">​6 October 2014 - A short section of Dock Road will be closed due to a crane required to to unload the acrylic wall for the new predator tank at the Aquarium. This is no ordinary cargo….the acrylic wall is manufactured in Italy and measures 9m x 4m x 350mm and will provide a seamless window into the exhibit. The new predator exhibit will contain 1.5 million litres of seawater and will be six metres in depth.<br> <br>The outgoing two lanes i.e. from the Aquarium to the bend in Dock Rd just past One & Only will be closed. Traffic will be redirected onto the other side of the road, which will therefore be bi-directional from Tuesday 7 October until Friday 10 October. Flagmen will be positioned at the road deviation incoming and outgoing.<br> <br>We do expect traffic congestion due to the deviation and you are therefore encouraged to enter the V&A Waterfront using Granger Bay and Portswood Boulevards.</div>2014-10-05T22:00:00Z



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