<div class="ExternalClass32DBEB6A0841419BBBF48F98AEA7A097"><p>​​Accessible luxury designed with quirk<br><br> Mimco designs unique accessories collections. We dream, explore and play with whatever gives us delight in the moment. Our design team are based in Melbourne, the provenance of the brand. Whilst travelling to all corners of the globe, seeking hidden treasures, sourcing and utilising high quality raw materials, unique beads and adornments, enlisting the notion of contrast and contradiction our products utilise ancient and modern manufacturing techniques.<br><br> Being inspired by architecture, nature, art, culture and all things that allow for self-expression, the design team set forth on sketching and creating, working with the best in class to create the seasonal ranges.<br><br> Our range is a combination of leather handbags, wallets and tech accessories, shoes, jewellery, timepieces, soft goods and hair accessories. Within our seasonal ranges, Limited Edition pieces are born, with just 50 units produced. These pieces are super-charged, amped up versions of our collection allowing us to push the boundaries on a creative front, with materials, profiles and styling.<br><br> Our environments are full of precious personality-filled products and our in-store experience is all about our customer - the strong individuals who are drawn to something different.<br><br> Nobody needs for what we do, so respectfully Mimco creates for desire.<br><br> Mimco invites you to explore, interact, follow your intuition and be yourself.</p></div>2014-04-01T22:00:00Z



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